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Why the FinTech Industry is Booming


With rapidly growing investments, fintech has taken the world by storm. From online banking to investments and payments, it has spread throughout the finance industry. FinTech is when companies combine technology and finance to make transactions faster, expand coverage and increase accessibility. It not only aids the customer but also assists businesses in their dealings.… Read More »

Manufacturers Are Seeking Ways to Redesign Work


Manufacturers are currently searching for new and unique ways to redesign work, including the workforce and the workplace, to manage and avoid uncertainty and disruption. How Many Manufacturers Plan Changes?   A recent Deloitte poll found that 61% of surveyed executives hope to develop a hybrid model for non-production and production processes within the next… Read More »

Increase Innovation and Growth Using These Tips

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When appropriately utilized, innovation and growth go hand-in-hand. According to Forbes, some of the most efficient innovations are also cheap to execute, initiating growth from the start. However, this isn’t always the case. Regardless, increasing innovation and growth for long-term success can be done in a few easy steps.   Determine Your Type of Innovation… Read More »