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How Engineers Think About Problems

problem solving

Take a look around you. Almost every human and technological advancement is directly tied to engineering. Your house, smartphone, car, everything you can think of is engineered. Before these innovations came to be, they were once challenges posing as problems. Most people would see these challenges as roadblocks, but not engineers. They only saw these… Read More »

How to Solve Issues with Remote Working Employees

Remote working is much more common than before and is here to stay. Communication technology such as Zoom, Slack, and Teams have become commonplace in the workplace, and many of your full-time employees may even be working in a different state. Nevertheless, many people still find that remote work results in more communication difficulties than… Read More »

How Building Information Modeling (BIM) Is Changing Construction

How Building Information Modeling (BIM) Is Changing Construction Those working in construction planning and design are increasingly using building information modeling (BIM) together with CAD (computer-aided design). This offers a more efficient alternative to the traditional methods of doing work by hand. Instead of going back to the plan room, everything is in the BIM… Read More »

How to Transition from IT Project Management to a Non-Technical Field

Whether you’re looking to move away from IT projects’ technical intricacies or are open to other business opportunities, transitioning from project management in a technical field to a non-technical one can be challenging. The workflow, values, and overall environment surrounding IT project management can vary significantly from other, less technical areas. For those who want… Read More »

How to Do Performance Reviews Remotely

Performance reviews are crucial for any job, whether in the construction industry, engineering, or accounting and finance. Reviews help your employees learn which areas they need to improve in. These also help motivate them for work done well. Traditionally, companies conduct performance reviews in-person, but this is not always possible. Learn how to do performance… Read More »

How Top Managers Motivate

Managers are always challenged to get more production out of the people they lead. Something that separates strong leaders from average ones is that they know how to convince people to accomplish organizational goals. There are some effective ways to energize, direct and sustain the efforts of a workforce. But, if you want that to… Read More »

Multi-Family Household Construction Drives Up Demand

One interesting trend that we continue to follow is the rising demand for multifamily construction that appears to be emerging in low density markets. Apartment construction in suburbs and exurbs is even outpacing that of many larger metropolitan areas as more people continue to migrate away from big cities like New York, Chicago, and San… Read More »

How to Answer this Tricky Interview Question

When you are interviewing for a job in accounting or finance, eventually the hiring manager will say something like: “Tell me about yourself.” The openness of this question can sometimes throw off candidates. Yet given the ubiquity of this question, you need a solid strategy for answering this question. Hiring managers respond well to a… Read More »

How to Be a Better Listener

In IT, being an active listener is extremely important. You need to be able to listen to your client or manager explain a network or technical problem that they need addressed so you can get to the bottom of it and come up with a solution. How do you become a better listener to improve… Read More »

Keys to Foster Innovation in Engineering

One of the keys to success in engineering is innovation. Software engineers are expected to be innovative but creating an energetic environment that spurs creativity and fosters innovation is harder than it looks. Here are some keys to foster innovation in engineering. Take Advantage of the Diversity of Your Team While you may have go-to… Read More »