Making the Transition: Establish a Solid Onboarding Process

The onboarding process involves bringing new employees into the team and helping them become full members. Onboarding gives new talent the tools they need to integrate themselves into the company’s culture, so they feel like they belong. If onboarding is done right, it will help new employees work more effectively and last longer. Here are… Read More »

Tips for Getting Along and Being a Team Player at Work

Being a team player and getting along with your colleagues are essential skills when working for a construction firm. Building trust and communication will help you to be more productive and achieve your professional goals. It also helps with long term retention. So, what can you do to improve your “people” skills at work? Here… Read More »

Trends in the Technology Employment Market

The employment market has been kind to people in the technology field this year. We have seen increasing wages and benefits and growing demand for IT jobs. Here are some of the major trends affecting the technology employment market right now. Talent Shortage One thing that will become more and more noticeable is the talent… Read More »

How to Keep Great Employees Once You Land Them

Technology is one of the most competitive fields right now. This means it is easy for employees to find other job opportunities if they so choose. If they are unsatisfied with their current company, they can resign with little risk. Chances are they will find a new role relatively quickly. So how can you make… Read More »

RHA wins DBJ “Best Places to Work” Award

Work Hard, Play Hard   Russ Hadick & Associates is excited to announce that for the second year in a row we were nominated for the Dayton Business Journal – Best Places To Work! And… this year we won first place in the Micro Division!! Our philosophy is ‘work hard, play hard’. We have a… Read More »

New Year, New Job

Are you where you wanted to be in your career at this point? Do you have a plan to get where you want to be? People who climb the ladder and continually grow professionally tend to be the people who leverage their career. It requires a commitment to educate yourself about new ideas and trends,… Read More »

Your Resume Gets You the Interview; Your Interview Gets You the Job

Your Resume Gets You the Interview; Your Interview Gets You the Job When an employer sends out a job posting they have considered their needs and put together a list of requirements to fill those needs. When you find that posting and feel that you meet the requirements you can ensure an interview through thoughtful… Read More »

Banking Careers Offer Excellent Prospects

Entry Level to Executive Banking Jobs The banking industry offers a wide variety of career tracks if you are interested in working with numbers and enjoy customer service. Despite the industry shake up in the past few years job prospects are strong. Sarah Brooks writes in her article, Top Jobs for Career Advancement, “There will… Read More »

Programming Trends Change

Programming Trends Change – Keep Your Job Skills Up To Date Technology is always advancing and business needs change, and therefore, programming languages evolve over time and new ones emerge to meet the needs of consumer demands. How do you know which languages to learn to keep yourself in demand in the job market? How… Read More »