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Successful Sales Engineers Have Some Things in Common


In engineering, there is a constant need to market technical and complex products to other businesses. The need to inform, persuade and convince is part of the industry. A sales engineer is often entrusted with this responsibility. They are expected to: Manage and interpret customer requirements Present product demonstrations that meet customers’ needs Make engineering… Read More »

What Sets Top Engineers Apart from Others?


When you are hiring to fill an engineering position, it is understandable and key to hiring the best person for the role. The following are the traits that set the top engineers apart from the rest. As such, these are the traits that you should prioritize when choosing between candidates.   Engineers Are Honest  … Read More »

Engineering Salaries and Getting the Job

The Best Engineering Salaries The job market is wide open for engineering majors, especially if you are specialized in the fields of petroleum engineering or computer science. The National Association of Colleges and Employers tells us that, “Engineering majors hold eight of the top 10 spots on the list of top-paid majors for Class of… Read More »

Leveraging Your Career

Industry Survey Are you happy in your career? Recent studies suggest that you are probably not. Results from a recent Gallup poll (“U.S. Workers Least Happy with Their Work Stress and Pay”, by Lydia Saad for Gallup”) show that while people appreciate their coworkers they are not satisfied with much else. “Less than half of… Read More »

How To Manage Millennials For Small Businesses

One hot topic in management today is hiring and managing Millennials. Everyone talks about how Millennials prefer flexibility over salary and growth over stability but what about small companies, the backbone of the American labor force, who can’t offer telecommuting and big title changes? How do you recruit and keep the newest labor force? As… Read More »

Applying to Job Postings in Today’s Market

In today’s market employers are flooded with job seekers who could potentially fit a job, yet employer’s requirements are so stringent and so specific that many bemoan the lack of “qualified” job seekers. One way to counteract some extremely specific job requirements is to closely read over what the employer is looking for and then… Read More »