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Team Culture is Critical to Successful Management


Some of the best leaders go by the title of project manager. They recognize the critical need for creating transparency and understanding in a positive environment to capitalize on team strengths and overcome weaknesses. Successful project management depends on effective leadership and the leaders who excel in their workplace focus on team culture. A good… Read More »

Can Technology Replace Construction Managers

Construction Managers

It’s everywhere. Technology is taking over. For a long time, technology took a backseat, where it was used to study us, noting how and when we completed tasks and whether we’re effective. Several industries already rely on AI technology. If you’ve ordered from the retail giant Amazon, a technology likely picked and transported your purchases.… Read More »

Three Books All Leaders Should Read

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There are roughly 2.2 million business books published each year, according to data from UNESCO. Only a few go on to be classics. They inspire different strategies and processes for integrating particular practices into your life. Below are three famous examples of business classics that are summer reading list essentials.   Start With Why  … Read More »

How To Manage Millennials For Small Businesses

One hot topic in management today is hiring and managing Millennials. Everyone talks about how Millennials prefer flexibility over salary and growth over stability but what about small companies, the backbone of the American labor force, who can’t offer telecommuting and big title changes? How do you recruit and keep the newest labor force? As… Read More »