Everything is going really well. Thanks for checking in. I am working on my 4th project and it’s very involved. Simply put, I am having a lot of fun. I can’t thank you enough for sending me to this company and setting everything up to lead to this wonderful day.

M.K. – Sidney, OH

I contacted Mr. Kierstead with a specific interest in my career/job search, and am obliged to express my gratitude for his persistence and follow up throughout the entire job search and interview process. He not only landed the interview I hoped for, he assisted me throughout the interview process and beyond. Mr. Kierstead’s willingness to listen and understand my needs was essential in selecting his services. Mr. Kierstead was very knowledgeable of the companies he represented; therefore, he was able to provide excellent tips in preparation for the interviews. I strongly believe that Mr. Kierstead’s insights and interview skills contributed to my success in landing the job of my dream.

I.V. – Surfside, FL

Linda is objective, helpful, informative, and goal-oriented.  It was clear to me, she did not want to waste the company’s or my time when considering my candidacy.  Linda is a great coach and knows how to assess talent and the needs of RH’s clients!

Linda is the embodiment of your firm’s Mission Statement.  She was the sole person with whom I dealt at Russ Hadick.  Linda follows through, she does what she says she is going to do.  She shared timing, and all levels of the client’s, Russ Hadick’s, and her personal expectations with me in a precise and professional manner.

In my experience, I have never had the level of Linda’s advocacy during any recruitment process in which I’ve been involved.  She is highly selective, ethical, efficient, straightforward and approaches her work with the Christian work ethic and values your firm espouses.

J.M. – Dayton, OH

From the beginning of the process through the end of the process, Bryan was always extremely professional and made sure that all of my needs were taken care of. He made sure that I understood the position and that I would be happy with the new role. I felt like he was on my side the whole time; he was there for me. I felt like I was not just a number or a lead, I felt like Bryan really cared. Even after I received the position, Bryan still maintains contact with me to ensure that I am happy. I recommend Bryan to anyone, he is a great asset to his company and I am sure he will thrive with any new opportunity that could be presented to him. I am so happy with his work that I am referring friends of mine to Bryan.

G.G. – Livermore, CA

Mr. Kierstead has provided excellent support and service from before the contract was initiated until after the contract was completed. He provided expert guidance and personalized tips and information throughout the interview process. His commitment continued after the successful interview by providing detailed information about the city where the position was located – including places to stay. And his support to the contractor continued at this high level until the contract term ended, including periodic calls ‘just to see how things were going.’

B.L. – Knoxville, TN

Russ Hadick & Associates is one of the most productive and efficient professional recruiting companies I have had the pleasure of working with over my 35 years leading the gambit of HR Services for manufacturing organizations. The Account Executive I worked with differentiated himself from the majority of those who call themselves “professional recruiters” by quickly locating active and passive candidates that actually meet the difficult specifications we have placed on the position. The others typically mine their respective databases and then try to convince me to bend the specs to fit a resume. He was committed and dedicated to each search project until it is filled, regardless of how convoluted or difficult the specification. He has called me after hours as needed to keep the process moving. He delivers excellent results more often than the other outstanding recruiters I have engaged. He understands our need for closure with outstanding results and delivers that consistently.


As the wireless industry continues to rapidly change, it is important to hire good talent in order to get the job done. This past year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Russ Hadick & Associates to fill sourcing spots on my engineering team. Throughout the process, the Account Executive has been very responsive and extremely diligent in finding me the right person for the job. They take the needed time to find the right talent while presenting highly qualified candidates to me. If you or your organization is looking for highly qualified talent you should reach out to Russ Hadick & Associates immediately. I can guarantee you he will find the right person for the job without wasting your valuable time.


It has been a pleasure working with RHA. The Account Executive has an ability to take a technical job description and provide candidates that are an exact match to what we are looking for. This is not an easy thing given the nature of the people we are looking for. It’s been a positive experience working with somebody that communicates well, follows up, and is a true pro.


Russ Hadick & Associates adds significant value to the recruitment process through a network of professional contact and in-depth screening interviews of each prospect prior to their recommendation to us. This not only saves us time, but also assures us of quality candidates who meet our needs. In this capacity, Russ Hadick & Associates are an extension of our corporate Human Resource function… Russ Hadick & Associates ethics and values are crucial in handling sensitive corporate information needed in recruiting members of our team.


I can’t remember interviewing anyone presented by Russ Hadick & Associates that seemed to be a waste of my time. I didn’t always hire them, but all of them were worthy of the interview. I have always believed that we received your thoughtful attention to our requirements.