CEO Letter

Over 30 years ago, Russ Hadick, my father, started Russ Hadick & Associates, Inc. to be a ministry that God gave him and the employees that worked for him to further His kingdom.  Since 1999, when I joined the firm and became the owner in 2003, I have wanted to continue that ministry.

We want to be the best recruiting firm in the nation, not by just serving our customers in Dayton, OH to the best of our abilities, but by making a positive difference in the lives of our clients, applicants and everyone else we meet.  We are committed to doing business with honesty, ethics and a moral code unmatched by any other firm.  We will always strive to do what we say when we commit to meeting our customer’s needs.

Our firm has a unique selling process that other firms do not. We seek the best currently employed candidates. Not the best unemployed, nor the best on the job boards, but the best employees which companies want to keep. Ones who are not actively looking for jobs. In more than 30 years of successfully using our proven unique selling process, we have staffed small start ups to Fortune 500 companies with the top 20% of candidates in their field.

I started out as an electrical engineer designing board-level electronics. I used a recruiting firm to help me find a new job, and when I became of a Director of Engineering, I used recruiting firms to staff my department of 55 engineers.

I now have been recruiting for over 15 years. I know from experience what is expected of a recruiter from the candidate as well the manager points of view. As a job-seeker working with our account executives, you will be treated as a person who is making a life decision that affects your career, personal and family life. We will not waste your time with opportunities that don’t meet your career and salary objectives.


Bob Hadick

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Management Team

Bob Hadick, President

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Bob has over 25 years of industry experience as an Executive Director of Engineering where he hired and grew an engineering department to 55 engineers in the U.S. and the UK. In the past 15 years, Bob has placed more than 500 high-tech and management professionals. His background and experience in industry allows Bob to “talk the talk” with hiring managers so he can properly evaluate and match up candidates’ career goals with the hiring manager’s job specifications.

Bob is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a minor in computer science.

Bob has lived and helped raise two kids in the Dayton/Cincinnati area for the past 30+ years.

Bob has recently been featured on multiple industry sites lending his knowledge on current topics:

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  • College athlete
  • Won design awards as an electrical engineer
  • Promoted to a department director within 10 years of college graduation
  • Was on the executive board of a local company
  • Consistently in the top 5% of all recruiters in the nation

Bryan Kierstead, Partner, Construction Practice Manager


Bryan has successfully recruited 175+ professionals that resulted in placements over the last 10 years. He has been promoted over the course of his tenure from intern to the first Partner of the organization. He has been the highest billing Search Consultant in the company consecutively for 4 years and consistently ranks among the top 5% of Executive Search Consultants in the nation. His specialty is developing new business and forming lasting relationships where he’s valued as a trusted advisor for his clients.

As a Search Consultant, he has led the company in business development which included multiple Fortune 500 companies of various disciplines. Bryan has a proven track record of cold calling and networking to uncover a passive candidate pool hiring managers would otherwise not have access to, and matching the hiring managers’ requirements with the candidates’ skill set and professional goals.

  • 150+ career placements
  • Ranked among top 5% of Executive Search Consultants in the U.S.
  • 97% retention for first year of all professionals placed
  • Ratio of 4:1 first interviews to placements

Michelle Ostrander, Director of Mortgage Banking Search & Consulting


Aaron Michael, National Recruiting Director of Wealth Management

“Because I have lived on the other side of the phone and sat in that chair, I know what I responded to and what makes top Wealth Advisors get on the phone with me.”

Aaron Michael was a Vice President and Club Level (or above) producer for 18 of his 20-year career as a Wealth Advisor.  He began his career with a top 5 Wire House firm and has worked for some of the top names in the industry such as UBS Securities and Wells Fargo Advisors.  He finished his career as a true business owner with one of the top independent securities firms in the Nation where he sold his book of business to move into the role of consulting with his client companies Nationwide.

Aaron was very client focused when he was in production as a Wealth Advisor and always went above and beyond what any “typical” advisor would do for their clients.  Aaron has carried that intense “client-centric” focus to his practice as an executive recruiter and his clients are seeing the benefits.  Aaron is married to the love of his life Allison and together with their Prince, Mason they reside nearby the office of Sanford Rose Associates® –  RHA.

David Chrestensen, Director Accounting and Finance Practice


Most business owners agree that they need employees that can either make them money, save them money, or improve processes leading to those results.  How to find the very best talent in each of those areas is where there is little agreement.  That often results in the owner finding out later that the person hired is not at the top of the talent tree.  Some business owners see that as a necessary evil; others are not so inclined.  Those who want a superior team, need a superior process, designed to deliver superior results.

Most firms today employ a search process that relies mainly on job postings on employer and job aggregation sites, as well as internet searches by candidates.  While the resulting deluge of resumes can occasionally yield good results, consistently finding top quality talent is hard work, and requires a different search process.  Dave is the product of a vastly different process, often called “headhunting”.  He sees it as the only way to securing the very best talent pool for the HR and hiring manager team to interview, and from which to eventually hire the best.

In 1999, Dave was comfortable in his then-current role and compensation, but a phone call changed all that.  Though not looking to make a career change, what intrigued him was the opportunity to grow and expand his knowledge, though admittedly added income and prestige were also a factor.  Recruited to be CEO of a start-up, the Board charged him to grow the company, and to lead efforts to raise capital as a prelude to a public offering.

Though successful in both areas, the outside events of 9/11 ended the firm’s ability to access needed capital, and the doors closed shortly thereafter.  However, his time in that position taught him much, and the contacts he made in his role have been invaluable to him over the course of years since that fateful day.

Now nearing the end of his career, his focus over the next 7-8 years is to help successful career minded people, who much like himself in 1999 are not actively looking for change, expand their horizons by finding better opportunities through the retained search process.  Let Dave show you the value a superior process can add to candidate quality, the reduced overall cost, and finally, the positive impact it will have on turnover and your bottom line.