Team Culture is Critical to Successful Management


Some of the best leaders go by the title of project manager. They recognize the critical need for creating transparency and understanding in a positive environment to capitalize on team strengths and overcome weaknesses. Successful project management depends on effective leadership and the leaders who excel in their workplace focus on team culture. A good… Read More »

Can Technology Replace Construction Managers

Construction Managers

It’s everywhere. Technology is taking over. For a long time, technology took a backseat, where it was used to study us, noting how and when we completed tasks and whether we’re effective. Several industries already rely on AI technology. If you’ve ordered from the retail giant Amazon, a technology likely picked and transported your purchases.… Read More »

What Sets Top Engineers Apart from Others?


When you are hiring to fill an engineering position, it is understandable and key to hiring the best person for the role. The following are the traits that set the top engineers apart from the rest. As such, these are the traits that you should prioritize when choosing between candidates.   Engineers Are Honest  … Read More »

Manufacturers Are Seeking Ways to Redesign Work


Manufacturers are currently searching for new and unique ways to redesign work, including the workforce and the workplace, to manage and avoid uncertainty and disruption. How Many Manufacturers Plan Changes?   A recent Deloitte poll found that 61% of surveyed executives hope to develop a hybrid model for non-production and production processes within the next… Read More »

Labor Shortages in Construction Presents Opportunity

Labor shortage, construction

According to Policy Advice, there were over 10.2 million construction workers in 2020. This number went up from the previous year’s 7 million. This all sounds promising for an industry currently suffering a massive labor shortage. Still, the demand significantly outweighs the supply of workers, but the labor shortages in the construction industry continue to… Read More »

Why Are Salaries Going Through the Roof in Accounting and Finance?

Accounting, Finance

The Accounting and Finance industries continue to see salary peaks increase. According to Career Advancers, 2018 was one of the most vital years yet, and in cities like St. Louis, unemployment in these industries was between 1 and 2%. Salaries are expected to continue this trend for the next few years because the demand for… Read More »

Increase Innovation and Growth Using These Tips

innovation, technology

When appropriately utilized, innovation and growth go hand-in-hand. According to Forbes, some of the most efficient innovations are also cheap to execute, initiating growth from the start. However, this isn’t always the case. Regardless, increasing innovation and growth for long-term success can be done in a few easy steps.   Determine Your Type of Innovation… Read More »

Three Books All Leaders Should Read

Leadership, management,Reading

There are roughly 2.2 million business books published each year, according to data from UNESCO. Only a few go on to be classics. They inspire different strategies and processes for integrating particular practices into your life. Below are three famous examples of business classics that are summer reading list essentials.   Start With Why  … Read More »

How Engineers Think About Problems

problem solving

Take a look around you. Almost every human and technological advancement is directly tied to engineering. Your house, smartphone, car, everything you can think of is engineered. Before these innovations came to be, they were once challenges posing as problems. Most people would see these challenges as roadblocks, but not engineers. They only saw these… Read More »

How to Solve Issues with Remote Working Employees

Remote working is much more common than before and is here to stay. Communication technology such as Zoom, Slack, and Teams have become commonplace in the workplace, and many of your full-time employees may even be working in a different state. Nevertheless, many people still find that remote work results in more communication difficulties than… Read More »