16 Step Search & Selection Process


1. Needs analysis

Determine client staffing needs including detailed job description, personality type, etc.

2. Determine how to present opportunity

How do we sell your opportunity and company?

3. Create internal white paper

Ideal candidate search profile.

4. Research companies and candidates

Assign researcher to gather data and names of our Dayton OH companies and candidates.

5. In-depth candidate interview

Face-to-face or detailed phone interview to qualify candidate

6. Verify education

7. Present qualified candidate(s)

Our interviewing notes along with an up-to-date resume.

8. Prepare candidate for first interview

Explain company objectives and go over position in detail

9. Prepare client for first interview

Explain strengths and weaknesses of candidate and what he/she is looking for in a career change.

10. Debrief candidate

Determine interest level and concerns, if any.

11. Debrief client

Determine interest level and concerns, if any, along with explaining candidate’s debriefing.

12. In-depth reference checks

Get input from subordinates, peers and superiors to determine people skills, strengths and weaknesses.

13. Counteroffer consultation

Explain in great detail the negatives surrounding counteroffers.

14. Make offer and get acceptance

Allowing us to make an offer increases the probability of acceptance.

15. Follow up with client and new hire

Allows us to help correct situations before they become problems.

16. Ask for Client Reference

Allows us to add names to our list of satisfied customers